Welcome to Abrans

November 11, 2010Posted by Abran


So this is where it all starts, more or less. I suppose I should introduce myself:

I'm Eric. My middle name is Abran; unique enough for a simple domain name. Good thing my name wasn't a curse word in some strange language. I am single parent, writer, network adminsitrator, and all around fun loving guy. I won't bore you with life details but if you would like to read more you can visit the about me link. If you're an agent looking for my story ideas please feel free to browse the Books Section. Either way thank you for dropping by. Leave a note or suggestion before you go.

Have a great day,

Eric "Abran"

The Algonkian Writers Conference

November 11, 2010Posted by Abran


My Impersonal Personal life?

The Day after YesterdayPosted by Godzilla


Do you really care what I do with my personal life? I mean seriously, you have nothing better to do than read this? LOL